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The Supercharged Transition

The COVID-19 pandemic is the major cataclysm of our time. Global events of such scale bring on world-wide ramifications and inevitably end up changing the course of history. One could argue that the last time humanity faced a global crisis that created such a level of uncertainty was 80 years ago - and while we are not technically in a world war (although some kind of "vaccine wars" may have already started with a few nations starting to show their teeth...), the current situation does have some parallels.

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by Daniel MoisyeyevBiziNet Media

Investing Your Life Savings – Be Careful of Ponzi Schemes

Bruce Gleeson

On 15th December 2020 Daniel Soire and myself were appointed Provisional Liquidators of Maliver Pty Ltd and Receivers to the property of Melissa Caddick by the Federal Court of Australia pursuant to an application by ASIC. The Caddick case continues to attract significant interest, particularly given the recent announcement by NSW Police that they have found certain body parts of Ms Caddick on the NSW South Coast. The cause of her death has not as yet been determined. Relevantly, it also an important reminder of the continuing existence of "Ponzi Schemes".

by Bruce GleesonJones Partners Insolvency And Business Recovery

Adding New Technology to Your Business? Make sure you increase profit - not lower prices!

Paul Sweeney

Business owners and start-ups: technology is the 'great enabler', it's true. But make sure you enable it to increase profit, not lower your prices!

Technology is wonderful for business, make no mistake. It helps you deliver a more efficient, consistent and effective outcome.

by Paul SweeneyPretium Solutions Pty Ltd

eCommerce - Delivery Failed

Lynne Fisher Gerrie

Australians have developed a massive appetite for online buying. Many people only occasionally hit the shops these days. Instead, they much prefer the ease, precision and solitude of online purchasing. This trend has flourished even more since COVID-19 stamped its will on our lives.

by Lynne Fisher GerriePromtel Pty Ltd

Property Market Overview

Elaine Davies

In early 2020 property markets, in many areas around Australia, were on the rise again but in March, COVID 19 bought them and the whole world, to a screeching halt.

As the market pulled back I begged anyone who'd listen to me to buy their much wanted properties. But alas, most buyers felt the market would further decrease and therefore missed out on many golden opportunities.

by Elaine DaviesNew Road Property

The Taxation Menace in Property

Paul McKenzie

Not long after my book "Property & Conveyancing Made Easy" was released, both the New South Wales and Victorian state governments made similar announcements, at the same time, to review stamp duty with land tax during 2021. There has been an ongoing debate about stamp duty, once a small tax, and previous promises by opposition parties to abolish it if elected. This never happened. When the GST was introduced by the Howard Government in Canberra, their campaign was GST = Good-Bye Seven Taxes. The defunct Australian Democrats in the Senate demanded basic food grocery items, health and education to be exempt from GST as a trade-off. Those seven taxes, including stamp duty, remain.

by Paul McKenzieABS Conveyancing

Bringing Business People Back Together in 2021

Peter May

Late in 2020 businesses endured the ripple effect of a December Northern Beaches lockdown and a subdued retail period. Throughout 2020, it was impossible to get together in a group other than over ZOOM or telephone. The good news is that 2021 confidence is much higher that personal business interaction will return.

by Peter MayCBD Sydney Chamber

How to Quickly and Efficiently Arrange Remote Work for Your Company

Leonid Karlinskiy

Last year our lives changed dramatically and many things which were not even on our "to-do" list became priority number one. One such item is business continuity during unexpected lockdowns when staff simply cannot be in the office due to health and safety reasons, or they just may want to increase productivity by cutting commuting time.

by Leonid KarlinskiyAustralian Phone Company

3 Key Differences Between a Mobile App and Website

Grace Wong

At Connect Mobile Apps, we often get asked what's the difference between building an app vs. a website. Here are the top 3 differences to consider.

by Grace WongConnect Mobile Apps

Volunteering is Good for Your Mind and Soul

Why do people give up their time to help others? Stryder community transport is a for-purpose organisation that values volunteers and they currently have 28 amazing people who put up their hands to drive; to assist clients on social or shopping bus trips; and to provide administrative support in the office.

by Virginia CoyStryder

Design of Automobile Post-Loan Management System

Jiechao Chen

At present, in the field of Internet finance, each company has different process modes for post-loan system. If we use the post-loan system currently sold in the market, the cost of customization will be too high and there will be a risk of leakage of important data. Therefore, completely relying on service providers cannot well adapt to our development mode and ever-changing needs. Under this environment, the automobile post-loan management system platform is born.

by Jiechao Chensouche

Depreciation Claims in Property Investments

Leo Colgar

Property investments are always popular among Australian investors. However, the ATO is overly sensitive about claiming the correct type of expenses. Depreciation is especially important in that sense because, first of all, it is a non-cash expense, secondly, we don't have to calculate it on our side. There are quantity surveyors to do the job. Let me explain a bit further.

by Leo ColgarBright Accounting and Taxation Services

Ways to Manage Soreness and Stiffness Post Yard and House Work

Q: I have arthritis and I get sore and stiff from yard and house hold work; I thought physical activity was good for me, so why do I feel sore or stiff after physical activity?

A: Whether we do it because we like it - or because we have to - housework and yard work can cause soreness, stiffness, and pain to flare up, leaving us wondering why or if we should engage in such physical activity again.

by Kat KeaneArthritis NSW

4 Things We are Doing Differently in 2021

Bernard Kassab

Remember that lovely buzzword "pivot" from last year? It's a word that many of us might want to forget - but if we're really honest with ourselves, it's a word that forced businesses did things differently - in rapid time, and it produced incredible results.

by Bernard KassabUcidity

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