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Why Turning Around Cash Flow Problems is The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do for Your Business

Paul Sweeney

Now more than ever it is critical for your business to address the causes of its cash flow issues. There is a danger that unsustainable businesses are being propped up by the current availability of government stimulus, Reliance on stimulus payments is a short-term solution. A band-aid fix, ignoring the treatment of the real problem.

Paul Sweeney, Pretium Solutions Pty Ltd
BiziNet Magazine #103 - Aug/Sep 2020

Why Government Assistance and Stimulus Packages are Not the Answer for Your Business!

Paul Sweeney

Why do we say that Government assistance and stimulus packages are not the answer for your business? The reason is simple. They do not fix the underlying business issues that are threatening to derail your business.

While they are a welcome relief in a time of crisis, they are a form of pain relief. They ease the pain but do little to fix the real problems with your business.

Paul Sweeney, Pretium Solutions Pty Ltd
BiziNet Magazine #102 - June/July 2020

Before You Start Your New Business, Think About Your Exit Strategy

Paul Sweeney

Starting a new business puts you in an exciting frame of mind that's all about creating new beginnings. When you're just beginning, thinking about the end is probably the last thing on your mind. What you need to realise is that a good business plan is a long-term plan, with both a start and a finish. By planning your business exit strategy before you begin, your journey will be more rewarding, and your business better equipped to deal with future challenges.

Paul Sweeney, Pretium Solutions Pty Ltd
BiziNet Magazine #101 - Apr/May 2020

Thinking of Selling? Maximise the Value of Your Small Business with an Exit Plan

Paul Sweeney

If you don't have an exit plan for your small business 12-36 months in advance of selling, you won't maximise its value. Don't settle for less… follow these tips. Most people simply don't contemplate exiting the business when they're just getting started, or even after they're well established. Most business owners figure the end is a long way off, and anything could happen before then. But it's these unpredictable happenings that make having a business exit plan in place even more important.

Paul Sweeney, Pretium Solutions Pty Ltd
BiziNet Magazine #100 - Jan/Feb 2020

Profit and Cash Flow: Why your business needs both to be successful

Paul Sweeney

Every business owner should know the difference between 'profit' and 'cash flow'. Surprisingly, many business owners do not understand the difference. I'm often asked "how is it possible to make a profit when there is no money in my bank account?" At first it might seem like profit and cash flow measure the same thing - the financial health of your business. After all, for both it's a case of the more you have, the better your business is doing. But profit and cash flow are two different beasts, and it's important to know how each one affects your business.

Paul Sweeney, Pretium Solutions Pty Ltd
BiziNet Magazine #99 - Nov/Dec 2019


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