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Roger Amir

From legislation changes to the Banking Royal Commission, clients calls, to client presentations. There is an endless list of things for you to keep on top of and stay ahead of the competition, in the ever changing world of the financial services industry. And that's even before writing and printing off your latest Financial Services Guides (FSG), file notes and Statements of Advice (SOA) before your next client appointment.


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Roger Amir, Mitronics

BiziNet Magazine #92 - Sep/Oct 2018
Roger Amir

Even in the digital age, it’s difficult to imagine offices functioning without printers. They are a tremendous resource for facilitating professional productivity. However, the reality is these beneficial devices can be a source of frustration at times. We’ve all experienced the stress of being unable to print a document when you need to because you’re out of toner or the device is down due to a technical issue that needs servicing. Or, have you suffered a case of severe indigestion due to the amount of your budget consumed by printing?

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Roger Amir, Mitronics

BiziNet Magazine #90 - May/Jun 2018



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