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Chris Underwood

Technological advances have created exciting changes in the world of jewellery. After over 60 years in the making, a diamond that has the same physical and chemical properties of a mined diamond can now be grown quickly and cost effectively – in a laboratory. Like a flower planted and grown in a greenhouse, diamonds can now be grown under highly controlled laboratory conditions rather than being mined. Laboratories are now able to simulate the natural growing process deep within the Earth’s mantle. This stunning achievement means that diamonds can now be produced in weeks rather than being created over millions of years.

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Chris Underwood, Underwood Jewellers

BiziNet Magazine #90 - May/Jun 2018
Chris Underwood

We love our Jewellery. Many of us like to wear it all the time and even never take it off. But Jewellery is like many things. The more it is used – the more it is subjected to wear and tear. Some Jewellery is delicate and not suitable for constant wear while other pieces are extremely durable. One reason diamonds are the gemstone of choice for engagement rings is because they are the hardest known natural mineral.

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Chris Underwood, Underwood Jewellers

BiziNet Magazine #89 - Mar/Apr 2018

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