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Garry Browne sits in his Ultimo office in Sydney. A wool shed in its previous life, it’s a remarkable work space with its exposed wooden beams, raw brick and oddly sloping floor. There is a richness of character to the space – and much like the company Garry Browne leads – it permeates a sense of history and admiration for who and what has gone before.

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BiziNet Magazine #83 - Jan/Feb 2017
Chris Underwood

In business, our look sends out an important message to others about ourselves. Are we conservative, attentive to detail, creative, edgy, trendy, traditional? Take a moment and think about what your look says about you, and how you would like to present your personal style. Just like branding of a business, your personal look is your brand – your unique style. Keeping an eye on fashion and trends can help you develop your own style and keep it current.

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Chris Underwood, Underwood Jewellers

BiziNet Magazine #83 - Jan/Feb 2017

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