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Bekir Kilic

• ASX welcomes the addition of PRO IT, further enriching the thriving ALC community
• PRO IT is an Australian IT services provider with a unique focus on financial markets
• PRO IT will offer expert support and bespoke IT services to existing and new customers within the ALC

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Bekir Kilic, Pro IT

BiziNet Magazine #79 - May/Jun 2016
Bekir Kilic

The equity market is going through another period of uncertainty and it is making business leaders in new companies nervous. I have been operating my business since 1999 and have experienced the ups and downs of the economy. It is tough running a small business in the early expansion phase. You need to stick to your vision, be resilient and address the challenges head on.

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Bekir Kilic, Pro IT

BiziNet Magazine #78 - Mar/Apr 2016

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