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Because of the Coronavirus, It’s Now a Digital World out There for Real ...

Daniel Moisyeyev

Even prior to the Coronavirus saga, there was a lot of emphasis on going digital. Companies were investing an enormous amount of their time attempting to build a digital presence through the utilisation of all kinds of social media channels, online tools and other miscellaneous digital marketing opportunities. However, at the same time, most of the said companies actually relied on their physical presence and face-to-face meetings between sales personnel and potential clients to get them to sign the dotted line (an obvious exception to this case are businesses that actually operate online full-time and sell, and to these rare entities who manage to achieve this and be profitable enough to pay your staff wages at the same time, I salute your success).

Daniel Moisyeyev, BiziNet Media
BiziNet Magazine #101 - Apr/May 2020

Publisher’s Guests - Mayor Dr Michelle Byrne, Councillor Reena Jethi (Deputy Mayor) The Hills Shire Council

BiziNet: Sydney Hills is known as one of the most, if not the most, business-oriented regions in NSW. 2-3 decades ago, no one would even think about the growth we have seen in Norwest Business Park and the whole Hills Business District. Could you please highlight what the future entails for the Hills Business Community?

BiziNet Features, BiziNet Media
BiziNet Magazine #100 - Jan/Feb 2020

Arthritis NSW - Continuing to Improve Lives

Since 1967, Arthritis NSW has helped to improve the lives of those suffering from arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions, including those newly diagnosed and long-term sufferers. Formerly known as the Arthritis Foundation of NSW, the founder, the late Bruce Williams, hoped to provide people living with these conditions fellowship, social support and assistance with daily living, so that they may live with dignity and purpose.

Michael Gladkoff, BiziNet Media
BiziNet Magazine #99 - Nov/Dec 2019

Small Businesses are Failing to Market and Sell Themselves during Tough Economic Times

Daniel Moisyeyev

You can't blame Small Business Owners being a bit paranoid about the upbeat statements delivered by government spokespeople, headline figures, improving unemployment numbers and constant bombardment of positive news such as 12% house price growth being just around the corner. There is a lot of conflicting data out there in circulation - such as small businesses experiencing a 7.6% drop in sales over the 2018-2019 financial year 1. These figures are more reflective of economic uncertainty and probably resonate a little more with the typical small business owner. The question is what to do to get through the uncertain economic period?

Daniel Moisyeyev, BiziNet Media
BiziNet Magazine #99 - Nov/Dec 2019


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