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Have You Tried Push-To-Talk Over Mobile Yet?

Leonid Karlinskiy

Over the last decade, mobile phones have changed our lives dramatically in the way we communicate, exchange information and make phone calls, with more people shifting to different communications apps and away from traditional telephony services. This is due to major technology breakthroughs in contemporary mobile networks that are incredibly fast, reliable and provide massive coverage.

Leonid Karlinskiy, Australian Phone Company
BiziNet Magazine #104 - Oct/Nov 2020

How a Phone System is of Critical Importance for Any SME Today

Leonid Karlinskiy

When we contact a business we've never used before, most of us are looking for a bit of reassurance that the business is professional and will do the right thing by us.

The larger and more professional the business appears to be (e.g. national toll-free 1800 or 1300 phone numbers, local landline numbers for multiple areas), the more comfortable we are about handing over our hard-earned cash. And even though it may be unfair, we'll often hesitate to contact a business if the only contact details provided are a mobile phone number or a free email address. That just looks unprofessional and untrustworthy.

Leonid Karlinskiy, Australian Phone Company
BiziNet Magazine #100 - Jan/Feb 2020



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