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How to Get the Right Phone System for a Business of Any Size

Leonid Karlinskiy

In the contemporary world of the internet, phone and communication systems remain the main ways for businesses to keep in touch with clients and a way to communicate within organisations. Telephone systems have been transformed significantly and now are a more unified communication tool with phone calls, auto attenders, voice menus, voice and video conferencing, chats, mobile apps, and much, much more.

Leonid Karlinskiy, Australian Phone Company
BiziNet Magazine #105 - Dec/Jan 2021

Have You Tried Push-To-Talk Over Mobile Yet?

Leonid Karlinskiy

Over the last decade, mobile phones have changed our lives dramatically in the way we communicate, exchange information and make phone calls, with more people shifting to different communications apps and away from traditional telephony services. This is due to major technology breakthroughs in contemporary mobile networks that are incredibly fast, reliable and provide massive coverage.

Leonid Karlinskiy, Australian Phone Company
BiziNet Magazine #104 - Oct/Nov 2020

Why Digitisation Of Documents Is Important For Your Business, And How You Can Eliminate Lengthy Manual Processes.

Roger Amir

It is imperative to your business workflow that your document processes are streamlined through digitization. When your manual processes are eliminated, this allows time for your employees to be productive as they are able to achieve work that otherwise might not get done due to the time consumption of manual document processes. Here are a few reasons to consider the benefits of digitalizing your documents.

Roger Amir, Mitronics
BiziNet Magazine #104 - Oct/Nov 2020


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