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Three White Metals - What are the Differences and What is the Best Choice

Chris Underwood

When we talk to people about the jewellery they would like, the response is often that they prefer Silver. But we commonly find that they mean Silver as a colour rather than Silver as a metal. There are several choices if you love white metal. They differ greatly in value, hardness and durability. When it comes to jewellery, here are some comparisons of the three white metals.

Chris Underwood, Underwood Jewellers
BiziNet Magazine #96 - May/Jun 2019

Australian Chocolate Diamonds – Delicious!

Chris Underwood

It is little known that our country delivers a most spectacular and precious gift from the earth. It is a diamond like no other. From the depths of the Argyle diamond mine in the Kimberly Region of Western Australia is found rich and luscious chocolate coloured diamonds – precious finds from a mine with a diminishing life expectancy. The earth in our part of the world has released a limited source of diamonds that range from a soft transparent milk chocolate colour to a deep, intense, rich cocoa colour.

Chris Underwood, Underwood Jewellers
BiziNet Magazine #95 - Mar/Apr 2019


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