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My Not To-do List

Eleen Yaw

Eleen Yaw

Step back, embrace and enjoy the moment.

Do you allow yourself Do just that?

Even as a yoga practitioner, I am still catching myself not synchronizing my thought well with the fundamental principal of yoga which is being presence. It is such a challenging mindset to master.

Instead of preparing for my To-do List, I came up with My Not To-do List and I like to share with you. Practice being present for what is happening as it unfolds in front of me.

1. DO NOT WAIT. Make time for your loved ones. We always push it to tomorrow when we have less time. We take time off for our business, work assignments, meetings, workshops but we neglect those close to us. When was the last time you call your parents?
Make time for your friends. Nurturing sincere and trustworthy friendships so we could lean on and in return, be the shoulders for other when needed. It is a special bonding we build, treasure and keep.
Make time for yourself. Scheduling time doing something you truly enjoy and love without hesitation. Any hiccups along the way, take it easy, reflect, do it better next time, grateful for your effort and be ok when your expectation does not show up 100% for you.

2. DO NOT DOUBT yourself too often. Give grace, forgive and forget. You are not your enemy. You do not need to prove your short comings so you can be great. You deserve your own respect and be treat with care and kindness too. Nobody is equipped with all the knowledge and experience for different task or responsibility. It comes with time, effort and persistency.

3. DO NOT IGNORE how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally. Our body reflects the state of our mind. Often, we see signs from aching or exhausted body as less important. Invest time to have a peaceful and sensible dialogue with ourselves is getting more necessary nowadays as we are getting more occupied, stressed out and gave no mercy to our body and mind.

4. DO NOT HATE BUT LOVE. Hate is a strong emotional word that could bring destruction and harm. Just by going through that thought process of hating someone is draining and tiring. Love is exactly the opposite. It’s comforting, sweet, thoughtful and full of goodness that is irresistible and most of all, it bring us together. Embrace where you are. Honouring your past with empathy and gratitude that you are the light for others now. Only Love would cast away the darkness and bring more smiles and laughter that last for a longer time.

Often we focus on achievement in careers, growing our businesses, earn more, work for the next promotion or holiday and those external recognition. Have you ever asked who would you missed if they are no longer in this world now? Who would you need most if you are sick now? What could you give away in return of your health? The answers are loud and clear.

Do not wait. Do not doubt. Do not ignore. Do not hate but Love. These matter the most to me. What would be yours?

by Eleen Yaw

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