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The Backbone of the Logistics Industry

Roger Amir

Roger Amir

The logistics industry unites manufacturers with products consumers want. Technology and the digital world make the logistic sector more efficient, productive and cost effective.

At Amazon's warehouses, a Kiva robot picks items off shelves, packs and processes them. This method effectively replaces human labour slashing costs by 20 per cent.

Robots aside, your business can use technology to save 40 per cent in costs right now. Mitronics solutions can automate your processes, better manage your paperwork, printing, scanning, compliance, and track workflow and store data. We unite businesses with the best leading print and automation solutions, saving them considerable business costs and drastically boosting productivity.

Mitronics can also consolidate your data, make your team mobile, and give everyone authorised access to data, as they need it. You'll be able to use networked smart devices across the company, from tablets to notebooks, smartphones and mobile printers.

Your logistics devices, combined with the right Managed Print Service (MPS) can significantly quicken cycle times, drop overheads, provide exceptional customer satisfaction, lift productivity and smoothen workflow.

Other Benefits

  • Transparent supply chain: Digitising your logistics business provides visibility of inventory, orders and shipments, which reduces the need for unnecessary product.
  • Centralised command and control: Online orders, automated fleet management, and real-time warehouse management systems (WMS) allow you to enhance freight movements and better coordinate staff.
  • Digital metrics and KPIs: Digital company tools advance your management and employee processes, improve quality, productivity and employee retention.

by Roger Amir

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