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This is the dawning of the Age of (Aquarius) Millennials…

Cher Campbell

Cher Campbell

Having been in the Recruitment Industry for 18 years I have witnessed enormous change. From the old school days of advertising in the paper to the transition into the world wide web (as my father in law calls it). It is impossible to have imagined how much things would have changed.

As we sat around the office talking about this the other day one of the biggest changes we are experiencing is the way in which Gen Ys or Millennials are being viewed and the influence they are having within an organisation and society in general.

We chat to a lot of brilliant candidates who fall into this category and I know that there is sometimes a stigma attached to this generation; “...they want everything done for them. They expect a job to fall into their laps. They don’t want to work”.

What we have found is that this generation has an exceptionally strong social conscience, thanks largely in part to social media and how accessible information is. Interestingly, recent statistic showed that approximately 73% of Millennials volunteer with 87% making regular donations. What we have also found is, the motivators to accept or decline an offer are vastly different to those of other generations so I guess that’s where the question came up:

How Ready Are You for The Arrival of the Millennials?

Nomophobia (noun)
“a state of stress caused by having no access to or being unable to use one’s mobile phone”

As ridiculous as it might sound, this is a term recently added to the Collins Dictionary. For a generation who know nothing other than being in a highly reactive social environment 24/7, we have often been asked by clients whether they think it’s reasonable to ban the use of social media and mobile phones in the workplace.

It’s a hard question to answer as there are so many variables making it difficult to know where to draw the line. A quick post on Facebook or Instagram about the brilliant team bonding session that’s happening right now can make the thousands of friends or followers of that employee start to think about what a great workplace that looks like, improving the social profile of your business in one simple post.

Millennials influencing changes in the workplace is something researchers strongly agree on.

This is not only in terms of workplace practices but also in the way physical workspaces are designed. We have several clients who have gravitated towards agile workplaces meaning that the days of panel based workstations and desks assigned to one particular employee are a thing of the past.

Instead the emergence of open plan, collaborative workplaces offering the option for sit/stand workstations is what we are seeing more and more of and definitely something that is of great appeal to this generation. They enjoy working remotely and being able to plug in and go from anywhere within the building.

According to the Deloitte 2015 Millennial Survey this group of future leaders place high priority on a number of things they consider when accepting an offer and what they look for in their Managers:

• Strategic thinkers
• Inspirational leadership
• Strong interpersonal skills
• Visionaries
• Passionate
• Decisiveness

In return they offer key attributes including:

• Optimism
• Individuality
• Education
• The desire to collaborate
• The ability to work highly efficiently beyond office walls often thriving in remote working environments

Being an almost 40-year-old there is a tremendous amount that I have learnt from the Millennial colleagues I have worked with in the past. When it comes to technology they have it completely dialled in and they view things in a way that other generations don’t.

Warranted or not I think there will always be a disconnect between how some people view the Millennials and how they view themselves but I think the key here is try and take a little from column A and a little from column B.

These are the people of the future and I find working in collaboration with candidates like this and clients who are willing to embrace change they had never imagined possible is one of the most exciting parts of my job and a huge reason why I love what I do. 

by Cher Campbell

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