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Dmitry Greku

Dmitry Greku

“Why things are hard?”
Kung Fu Panda, Action/Adventure Character

There is the one and only essential goal in the execution of any business marketing and media activities – making a business better visible. An improvement in visibility should bring any business to a position which makes it that it’s bit taller than the competition, makes more sales and possibly even brings the business into a status as an Authority in the industry. These are the expected results of any successful marketing campaign.

We go to networking events, send email blasts, make speeches at seminars, send “thank you” gifts to our new clients, post something on Facebook or LinkedIn…  this is all marketing. A lot of words have been said about the subject, thousands of seminars ran, millions of dollars spent on social media campaigns.

Is there the One place where it all can be done?

BiziNet is a Media/Marketing Platform created for the needs of SMEs and correspond their financial abilities. It was designed and developed to make you, your skills and knowledge, and your brand better known to your potential clients and to your existing clientele. Our platform allows your business to have its own section on BiziNet, you and your business to be introduced to BiziNetwork via networking events.

BiziNet Digital and BiziNet magazine take your business beyond your circle. Your articles, products and services are promoted via Facebook and LinkedIn. There is now a new opportunity to promote via professionally structured and planned marketing campaigns with Outbrain and Taboola.

BiziNet Embed is one of our exciting new digital developments. We all know that Google and other search engines like well linked online applications and websites - BiziNet is offering precisely this via BiziNet Embed.

All of the articles of BiziNet contributors are currently published online in contributors’ own sections. Each article is published on its own Landing Page together with contributor’s contact details, links to websites, social media applications and video content. With BiziNet Embed our contributors receive a special code which allows contributor’s articles to be placed on their website in the same format as they are published, structured and presented on BiziNet. There is no need for the contributor to update, design or do anything at all after the code is embedded into their website.

Talk to us. We’ll assist you with planning, designing and development, as well as execution of your digital marketing campaign

by Dmitry Greku

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