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Mark McKenzie

It’s Time to Lead for all Australians

On 18 May 2019, Australians will go to the polls to elect the 46th Australian Parliament. At one level, the election offers a choice between the Red Team (Labor led by opposition leader Bill Shorten) and the Blue Team (the Liberal and National Coalition led by PM Scott Morrison and Deputy PM Michael McCormack). Sadly, many Australians have become so disillusioned with the quality of national political leadership in recent years that the choice for them may simply come down to which colour they dislike least.

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Mark McKenzie, Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia

BiziNet Magazine #96 - May/Jun 2019
Bruce Gleeson

Directors Beware – Extended Personal Liability for Unpaid Superannuation

As an employee how often do you check that your employer is paying your superannuation on time? Would you know how many months your employer might be in arrears? What if you knew that your employer was using your superannuation guarantee ("SG") contributions (being 9.5% of your relevant remuneration) to assist in the cashflow of their business? Did you know that the number of employers who lodged SG charge statements increased 60% from the preceding financial year (the total number being approximately 17,700)?

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Bruce Gleeson, Jones Partners Insolvency And Recovery

BiziNet Magazine #96 - May/Jun 2019
Andy Sephton

“There is No Failure. Only Feedback.”

The title of this article is a quote from a best-selling American author called Robert Allen and in just six words he sums up why we never truly fail as long as we are willing to learn from our mistakes. While this is a great concept, it is not always as easy as it seems. Getting honest feedback can be a confronting and emotional experience. So how do we make sure that feedback helps us plan for future success rather than dwell on past failure?

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Andy Sephton, The Consultants' Community

BiziNet Magazine #96 - May/Jun 2019
Chris Underwood

Three White Metals - What are the Differences and What is the Best Choice

When we talk to people about the jewellery they would like, the response is often that they prefer Silver. But we commonly find that they mean Silver as a colour rather than Silver as a metal. There are several choices if you love white metal. They differ greatly in value, hardness and durability. When it comes to jewellery, here are some comparisons of the three white metals.

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Chris Underwood, Underwood Jewellers

BiziNet Magazine #96 - May/Jun 2019
Daniel Moisyeyev

Have We Reached Peak Social Media and is it Now in Decline?

We often hear the term "Peak Oil". This ubiquitous economic term refers to a point in time at which the world wide extraction of oil reaches a maximum - the implied cause would be an absolute peak in demand for oil products. At the same time, the expression "Peak Social Media" may sound a little comical and probably won't have entire economic studies dedicated to it - but there is a serious discussion to be had on the matter. Social Media has reached maturity and we are definitely facing some sort of a paradigm shift.

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Daniel Moisyeyev, BiziNet Media

BiziNet Magazine #96 - May/Jun 2019
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