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The Dark Side of the Boom – With Gain Comes Pain

More than likely, many real estate agents across Australia breathed a sigh of relief late on Federal Election night, 18 May. Regardless of one's political leaning or preference, any new taxes, particular property related ones, never bode well for the property market. Changes to negative gearing, capital gains tax, franking credits and a possible death duty on property would no doubt have already affected the declining property markets across Australia.

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by Peter RaptisLMW

Australian Bankruptcy Numbers at a 24-year low. Credit Card Lending at an 8-year low. Is this Good News?

Bruce Gleeson

Before we crack open the champagne, we need to put these statistics into perspective rather than looking at them in isolation – specifically let’s look at what appears to have been happening in the economy over the past few years to get a deeper sense of what might be in store down the track and what households and business owners should focus on.

by Bruce GleesonJones Partners Insolvency And Business Recovery

Why You must have an IP Audit

Steven Brown

Every business has some intellectual property (IP). IP is at the centre of many businesses today. Apple, Microsoft, Disney and Procter and Gamble are examples of those at the 'big end of town' whose activities are IP focused. IP allows businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Both Coke and Pepsi manufacturer and sell a carbonated cola soft drink. What differentiates them are their IP.

by Steven BrownEtienne Lawyers

Why Your Business Needs to Focus on Profit and Not Taxation

Paul Sweeney

To ensure you have a more profitable business you need to stop the focus from being on taxation. Taxation is mandatory. It is a requirement at the end of each year. Every business must submit an income tax return. Many business owners are focused on solving the problem of "how can I pay less tax", "how can I increase my deductions?" or, "is there a way I can reduce my income?"

by Paul SweeneyPretium Solutions Pty Ltd

Making Business Easier

The Hills Shire Council has partnered with Service NSW to facilitate the Easy to Do Business Program which aims to make NSW the easiest place to do business.

by The Hills Shire CouncilThe Hills Shire Council

Keep It Simple Small Business

Andy Sephton

Running your own business can be stressful, complicated and overwhelming but it can also be exhilarating, rewarding and fulfilling. The key is to focus on the basics and build a strong foundation to grow your business from. If running your business seems too complicated, then you might just be looking at it the wrong way, so why not try keeping it simple?

by Andy SephtonThe Consultants' Community

Rental Property Deductions Among Target Areas for ATO Audits, Again!!!

Leo Colgar

The Government recently allocated additional funds to the ATO to extend its program of audits and reviews of rental properties. ATO uses a range of detection methods including third party information such as collecting data from financial institutions, property transactions and rental bonds from all states and territories, and online accommodation booking platforms, in combination with sophisticated analytics to scrutinise every tax return.

by Leo ColgarBright Accounting and Taxation Services

Tips to Care for Your Physical Health at Work

Eleen Yaw

The State of Workplace Mental Health in Australia report surveyed 1,041 employees (a mix of lower management and other employees), it revealed that "one in five Australians (21%) have taken time off work in the past 12 months because they felt stressed, anxious, depressed or mentally unhealthy".

by Eleen YawYin Latte Yoga

Creating Winning Minds with EARL and PIMS

Hon. Prof. Mike Conway

Perhaps surprising for some, there are many parallels in the work I have been undertaking with elite sports teams and individuals, particularly with Sydney FC and at the Australian National Soccer Team; and the families who have just participated in the XVenture Family Challenge TV Series (recently on network 10 in Australia and Three in New Zealand).

by Hon. Prof. Mike ConwayXVenture

The Art of Crafting Jewellery Lives On

Chris Underwood

There are several methods used in the design of jewellery. It was not long ago where everything was produced on a workbench, hand crafted, step by step. It was unusual for one craftsman to be an expert through every step of manufacturing. Workshops typically included a team of skilled craftsmen who were specialists in their areas.

by Chris UnderwoodUnderwood Jewellers

Working on Your Business and Not Just in It

It's the age-old dilemma, when do you find time to work on your business and not just in it? Sometimes it's easier said than done, and despite knowing that you should do it, many small business owners don't truly understand what it means and the benefits.

by BartercardBartercard Australia

Cropley House

Whether you are running a conference or hosting a glamourous cocktail party, the right event space makes all the difference. The accessibility of the venue is the most important feature to consider when choosing a space for your corporate event as it is paramount for maximising attendees. This is what makes Cropley House the stand out from all other venues in the Baulkham Hills area. In addition to the beautiful, historic features of Cropley House, the venue has plenty of free on-site parking and is in very close proximity to Norwest.

by Tracy KnightCropley House

Creating a Successful Managed Print Service Strategy

Roger Amir

There are certain requirements to consider in achieving a successful Managed Print Service. Some vendors simply want to realise the goal of device replacement with their new ones. This doesn't best suit the needs of their client.

by Roger AmirMitronics

The Risks of Self-Managing Your Website

Daniel Moisyeyev

One of the most common requests web developers receive from their clients is for websites to be able to be self-managed in terms of updating content and images. In the age of easy-to-use social media platforms and other online applications that allow virtually anyone without technical expertise to manage content online, it would seem like a no-brainer request to implement – the reality is that this capability is often extremely tricky for a number of reasons.

by Daniel MoisyeyevBiziNet Media

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