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Complexity Costs Jobs

We are now trying to get people back to work and keep managing the health crisis. This is the time to confront the incredibly complicated employment processes. The Prime Minister at his National Press Club address in May 2020 described Australia's IR system as one "...that has to date retreated to tribalism, conflict and ideological posturing," he called on all parties to lay down their arms.

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by COSBOACouncil of Small Business Organisations Australia

Why Strong Emotional Cashflow is Critical for Success

Bruce Gleeson

Covid-19 was first confirmed in late January 2020. Subsequently on 20 March 2020 restrictions such as the closing of our borders and social distancing were introduced. Since these restrictions were introduced, I have read and listened to webinars regarding the importance of cashflow for a business and household during and coming out of the pandemic. OK - but what about emotional cashflow? What is your current level of emotional cashflow? Why is it important for small to medium enterprises ("SMEs") and households?

by Bruce GleesonJones Partners Insolvency And Business Recovery

Why Turning Around Cash Flow Problems is The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do for Your Business

Paul Sweeney

Now more than ever it is critical for your business to address the causes of its cash flow issues. There is a danger that unsustainable businesses are being propped up by the current availability of government stimulus, Reliance on stimulus payments is a short-term solution. A band-aid fix, ignoring the treatment of the real problem.

by Paul SweeneyPretium Solutions Pty Ltd

The Humble Pallet

Lynne Fisher Gerrie

In Promtel's warehouse it is king. When storing goods at height in a warehouse, a good sturdy pallet is vital. Some people regard the pallet as the single most important piece of hardware in the supply chain.

by Lynne Fisher GerriePromtel Pty Ltd

The Importance of Grants and What They Can Mean To Your Business

Peter May

All businesses, whether an established or new business, can potentially benefit from applying for grant funding.

by Peter MayCBD Sydney Chamber

Are You Benefiting from the Use of Microsoft Teams for Your Company?

Leonid Karlinskiy

In the last a few issues of BiziNet, we explained that it is important to have the right telephone system for SMEs to boost efficiency. Today we will talk about the benefits where almost every organisation already uses Microsoft office, but still maintains a standalone telephone system.

by Leonid KarlinskiyAustralian Phone Company

Be Where Your Customers Hang Out

Grace Wong

We depend on our smartphones for so many things. So why aren't you harnessing phone power to promote your business?

Have you ever misplaced your mobile phone or accidently left it at home? Most people feel anxious while many feel lost because we rely so heavily on our phones. In fact, last year, 91% of Australians owned a smart phone and the reason is simple. We use them for everything!

by Grace WongConnect Mobile Apps

The Little Things That Help Your Business Attract New Customers

Businesses are always looking for ways to gain more customers, and that has never been truer than now given the current economic situation. Without well-defined objectives and a well-planned marketing strategy, it can be a challenging task.

by BartercardBartercard Australia

3 Surprising Benefits of a Managed Print Service

Roger Amir

Reliable managed print services can help reduce printing costs, maintain the quality of your printing, and create the potential for future savings. Many businesses are unaware of how much their yearly printing bill is, but on average, printing costs for most companies can reach up to 6% of their annual revenue.

by Roger AmirMitronics

Is there Room in the Digital World for Your Business?

Daniel Moisyeyev

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused rapid changes in consumer behaviour across virtually every industry - and the predominant effect is that the focus of the consumer has shifted to digital experiences and transactions. This has put many business owners into a situation where their livelihood is at stake - facing an "adapt or die" scenario. For many unfortunate businesses the "adapt" part is not feasible as their services rely on face-to-face experiences and there is little room for change. But for others, they may have the luxury of the opportunity to transform their operations and to save their businesses before government support runs out.

by Daniel MoisyeyevBiziNet Media

JobKeeper Version 2.0

Leo Colgar

Jobkeeper benefit have been a lifeline for many since the day it was announced by the Prime Minister. However, it was a quick design that came with a lot of mistakes and damaging effect on the economy. It all began with the registration form that allowed some employers to enter 1,500 employees mistakenly; even though they meant 1, in their minds.

by Leo ColgarBright Accounting and Taxation Services

Occupational Burnout

It's normal to feel stressed at work from time to time. But for some people, the stress becomes all-consuming, leading to mental and emotional exhaustion, cynicism and ineffectiveness in the workplace. This is known as burnout. Burnout is not classified as a medical condition, however, burnout is included in the 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) as an occupational phenomenon. The inclusion of occupation burnout in the ICS-11 reflects that burnout is a work-based syndrome caused by chronic stress, validates its existence and thus can inform research and treatment.

by Kat KeaneArthritis NSW

Recovery Grant: Are You Eligible?

Bernard Kassab

State and Federal Government has really come along way offering many new grant opportunities to support the growth of businesses all over Australia. Recently NSW has offered the Small Business COVID-19 Recovery Grant to help support businesses affected by COVID-19 to get back into business. Its key focus is to provide a small infusion of funds which can be used to drive marketing for growth or resourcing for reopen.

by Bernard KassabUcidity

The Biggest Infrastructure Spend in History

Catherine Cashmore

The virus may have triggered this downturn. But it's the fragility of Australia's economic makeup that has our governments panicking. We have a houses and holes economy.
Australia's economic complexity is dismal. We're down at number 93 on the list - just above Pakistan. About 70% of the products we sell to foreign buyers, on a net basis, are minerals and energy. The rest of our wealth is mostly tied up in a $6.9 trillion housing market. One that breathes by way of population growth (mainly from immigration) and high levels of private debt.

by Catherine CashmoreCashmore & Co Real Estate

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