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Agribusiness in the Greater Sydney Region

Sydney's Agribusiness Sector* is a dynamic movable feast and one that has caught the attention of policy makers and investors. Adding tremendous value, it has often been described as the 'multiplier' of agricultural production. With demand for high valued food increasing and consumer behaviours fuelling the growth of 'personalised and free-from foods' expectations are that the sector will grow significantly over the next 5-10 years.

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by Julie McAlpinRegional Development Australia (RDA) Sydney

It Doesn’t Need to Always End in Bankruptcy?

Bruce Gleeson

Over the twenty-five (25) years that I have been advising individuals who have been in some form of financial difficulty, I believe between 15-20% of those bankruptcies to which I have been appointed could have been avoided if the individual had talked about their money problems early on with a qualified professional and put in place the right strategy to deal with their debts. So what should you do if you have money problems?

by Bruce GleesonJones Partners Insolvency And Business Recovery

Freedom to Contract Lessened Further

Steven Brown

Most business people start out thinking that in business, they have the freedom to contract. They have the view as stated by Sir George Jessel MR in Printing and Numerical Registering Company v Sampson (1875) LR 19 Eq 462 at 465, over 140 years ago:

[I]f there is one thing more than another public policy requires it is that men of full age and competent understanding shall have the utmost liberty of contracting, and that their contracts when entered into freely and voluntarily shall be held sacred and shall be enforced by Courts of justice.

by Steven BrownEtienne Lawyers

Beware the Double Tax Trap for Growing and Start-Up Businesses

Paul Sweeney

Every business owner wants to grow a profitable business that continues to grow and remain profitable in the long term. Rapid growth in both revenue and profits are seen by many to be the keys to achieving this.

by Paul SweeneyPretium Solutions Pty Ltd

Modern Workplaces Need Up-to-Date Safety Regulators

Peter Strong

A report came out in December 2018 commissioned by Safe Work Australia. If the recommendations are implemented, then every workplace in Australia will be less safe.

by Peter StrongCouncil of Small Business Organisations of Australia

Grow Your Business with Bartercard

As a small business owner, you're likely to be wearing many different hats and constantly trying to find ways to do things smarter and more efficiently. You need solutions that are convenient, simple to understand and enforce. So how do you keep across the day-to-day running of the business, and at the same time find ways to grow your business?

by BartercardBartercard Australia

Building the Basics of your Jewellery Collection

Chris Underwood

When it comes to Jewellery, there are classic, timeless pieces that go anywhere and can be considered basic essentials. The following is a Top 10 can't-go-wrong gift list of Jewellery that will build the basis of an interchangeable, practical and refined Jewellery collection. With this you can step out and make a statement or quickly and easily slip on basics that fit into many fashion looks.

by Chris UnderwoodUnderwood Jewellers

Cropley House

With a story that spans generations as a boarding school and community hub, Baulkham Hills' historic mansion Cropley House finally reopened September 2018. The venue was unveiled as the area's most sought after weddings and corporate event venue, following a year of renovations to return the mansion to its former grandeur. Additionally, Cropley House is excited to announce that it has been rebranded, with a brand-new website, logo and look; fitting to the venues true charm and elegance.

by Tracy KnightCropley House

Just How Green is Your Paper?

Roger Amir

If your company is trying to do its part to go "green", one area in particular you might want to focus your efforts on is paper. Considering how much paper the average office goes through each year, it's important to recognise that some paper products are greener than others, and then choose your office paper accordingly.

by Roger AmirMitronics

IT Failures – Why a Proper Data Management Strategy is Key

Daniel Moisyeyev

IT is one of those pesky business expenses that many business owners give the last priority too. It just seems unnecessary... especially during difficult economic times when more pressing issues take precedence. The problem is that a (sometimes trivial) IT failure can grind a business to a halt. This article outlines some of the most common problems SMEs can experience in this area and why a proper data management strategy is so important.

by Daniel MoisyeyevBiziNet Media

Need More Time?

Eleen Yaw

"I have no time!", "I'm busy!", "I'm in a rush, I need to run now!"
All these are common laments I often hear. In silent protest, a voice in my own head wants to respond, "Oh dear! Please slow down. Take three deep breaths."

by Eleen YawYin Latte Yoga

Biggest Misconceptions on Tax Returns

Leo Colgar

Today I would like to share my first-hand experience, in regards to some urban legends that go around among members of the community who simply want to get higher refunds.

by Leo ColgarBright Accounting and Taxation Services

The Dark Side of the Boom – With Gain Comes Pain

Peter Raptis

More than likely, many real estate agents across Australia breathed a sigh of relief late on Federal Election night, 18 May. Regardless of one's political leaning or preference, any new taxes, particular property related ones, never bode well for the property market. Changes to negative gearing, capital gains tax, franking credits and a possible death duty on property would no doubt have already affected the declining property markets across Australia.

by Peter RaptisLMW

Australian Bankruptcy Numbers at a 24-year low. Credit Card Lending at an 8-year low. Is this Good News?

Bruce Gleeson

Before we crack open the champagne, we need to put these statistics into perspective rather than looking at them in isolation – specifically let’s look at what appears to have been happening in the economy over the past few years to get a deeper sense of what might be in store down the track and what households and business owners should focus on.

by Bruce GleesonJones Partners Insolvency And Business Recovery

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